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Our headquarters are located in the heart of Jena – a city in Thuringia rich in tradition in the optics fabrication. From the very beginning the company has rapidly grown in the German market as well as established extensive international relations.

Optics City Jena

Opteco Commerz GmbH was established in 1996. Our staff have the professional expertise in optics and laser physics which allows them to provide customers with comprehensive consultation. 

Their excellent work knowledge in optics manufacturing and management has appealed to our clients in this highly technical field.

Our Competencies

Opteco Commerz is specialized in the production and sale of spherical, and plano optical components, produced according to customer specifications.

Comprehensive knowledge

Individual customer counselling by our staff starts early in the project planning phase. We are specialized in creating cost-effective solutions that meet customer’s specifications and budgets or in optimizing the design of optical elements. 

Fast response time

Focused on customer requirements and by our staff’s commitment to each project, a fast response time is guaranteed to you, even in case of specification alterations within the design phase.

Customized production

You will get exactly the optics you really need for your applications, without compromises in the optical specifications - in contrast to catalogue companies with predefined stock items. Customized requests are the order of the day for us.

Prototyping, small and medium series

We accept purchase orders with quantities starting from one piece (prototyping). We transfer prototypes to series production with small and medium quantities. 

Product applications

Our company manufactures high-precision spherical and plano optics, which are used, for example, in measuring and safety systems, in sensor technologies and in medical devices.

Medical devices

Lenses and windows for medical-ophthalmologic devices

Environmental technology

Optical elements for atmosphere monitoring (LiDAR), water sterilization

Temperature measurement

Optical elements for non-contact temperature measurement devices

Laser-based devices

Lenses, mirrors, windows and filters for lasers and laser-based devices

Mechanical engineering

Objective lenses for inspections and dimension checks of workpieces

Traffic control

Lenses and filters for speed measurement devices

Sensor technology

Optical elements for light barriers and energy measurement devices

Image processing

Telecentric lenses for product control and tooling control


Optical and optomechanical elements for surveying instrument

Equipment for Testing and analysis

Lenses, mirrors, windows and filters for spectrophotometers and cuvetts

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Optische Bauelemente


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